Our History


Since 1910 Desenzani remains in Brescia one of the most important and historic Armouries of the city, known throughout Italy and in the world for their professionalism and for the splendid production of refined overlapping rifles and doublets with the signature of the Desenzani family.

The strength of our Armory is also the trade, exchange and repair of valuable weapons and collections from all over the world of the best Italian, English, Belgian and many other brands.

Located in one of the main streets of Brescia, it remains one of the last armories in the city. Led by the masters Zulli and Gussago together with new forces Marco and Emilio who, after many years of work and learning as employees, have joined together to continue the activity that brings with it years of great experience and expertise in the Gunsmith sector

The completely renovated armory offers its customers a wide assortment of hunting weapons, sports, short weapons for defense and polygon, compressed weapons, weapons of free sale, accessories, cutlery, optics and buffetteria, ammunition and cartridges for hunting and shooting of the best brands.

A large adjacent room offers clothing, footwear, accessories of the best brands for hunting, shooting and leisure, suitcases for weapons and luxurious accessories for gift items.

Attached to the sales room there is an equipped workshop where the manufacture of Desenzani rifles takes place as well as the repair, restoration and assistance on any weapon; special processes such as polishing the woods in a natural way and with ancient criteria.

All the staff is cordially available for any request and to satisfy each of our customers


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It was founded in 1910 in Brescia and since the early years of activity emerges among artisans and small arms manufacturers for competence and incredible manual skill accrediting it over the years among the most qualified armories in Italy.

The two owners, Zulli and Gussago, the latter called “golden hands”, are the protagonists of this company, assisted by willing young people, have made rifles of great value satisfying very demanding requests of the increasingly qualified customers.

Many years have passed but, entering from “Desenzani”, you can still breathe that atmosphere of “Bottega dell’artigiano armaiolo”, which still lives in the memory of some of us, and is so current in the laboratory of a small and accurate production of weapons like this.

Entering the shop you completely leave the chaotic reality outside and you project yourself into a place made of small muffled noises, in a place where a qualified artisan industriousness lives, so much so that it is preferred by many admirers of English manufacturing of the best quality.

In recent years, more than 250 weapons have been built, 100 of which are doublets, among the most beautiful in the world, and over 150 overlapping ones that do not fear competition in terms of manufacture, quality of materials and line.

I think it is fair to point out that the weapons produced by Desenzani are treated in detail that in the case of a pair of two rifles, once finished, turn out to have the same weight; This precision comes from the fact that every single part, even the smallest, is weighed and machined so that you can have the security of perfectly equal weapons.

Things of yesteryear!

These jewels of mechanics are then embellished by master engravers such as Medici, Galeazzi, Parravicini, who enhance with their engravings, the soft and delicate lines of the bascule that the skilled hands of Mario Gussago had created to be mounted on carefully chosen and selected walnut briar kicks.

Today manually making an arm with these requirements takes a minimum of 12 months, but when the work is finished I believe that each of us would be proud to own a perfectly custom-made weapon.

The “Armeria Desenzani” continues its journey exactly as then with the same commitment and professionalism.